Was Bear Stearns’ Collapse Only 2 Years Ago?

Here is something odd — it feels to me like the collapse of Bear was a decade ago.

It doesn’t seem possible, but this month is only the 2 year anniversary of the 2008 implosion at Bear. A bizarre Wall Street time compression seems to be taking place — it  makes it seem like it was so much longer ago. I experienced a similar chronological dilation the first year after 9/11. Time flowed like molasses.

Its fascinating to look back at what was being written and said then — I dug up a few posts from March 2008 — they are pretty wild stuff:

Who is to Blame for Bear Stearn’s Demise?

WTF Headline of the Day: S&P Cuts Bear Stearns’ Rating

Two Dollars/share, or an “Orderly Liquidation” ?

And of course, the infamous photo from the Bear HQ.


Did anyone ever find out who posted that ingenious bit of street theater? I’d love to shake his hand . . .

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