Farewell To The Most Widely Anticipated IPO Ever?

If there was ever a more widely anticipated and publicized IPO than PALM, a commenter will have to remind me what it was.  [BR: Google?]

As I recall all too well, no CNBC talking head could do a segment without at least a dozen or so mentions of PALM.  No guest could be interviewed without being asked about the upcoming offering’s impact on our very existence — no matter the guest’s area of expertise may well have been offshore drilling.  Or foreign policy.  The hyperventilating,  drooling, and shortness of breath was worthy of a brothel.  I recall the “Countdown to Palm” timer, a little “bug” in a television’s corner which kept tabs — to the thousandth of a second — of when the market would open, notwithstanding the fact that PALM would have a delayed opening due to all the frenzy.  (Note to CNBC:  Viewers generally don’t need a countdown timer to anything. We especially don’t need it down to thousdandths of a second, unless you plan to start covering 100m dashes.  Thank you.)

It was, we now know, the top of the market.

Now, ten years later, PALM has apparently put itself up for sale.

CNBC, of course, has gone on to obsess about countless other issues over the years.

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