More Overstock Pretexting?

Yesterday, I get the following email from someone who used the name of Enrique Alvarez, and an email address forwarder “”

Subject:    bullish boycott strategy

Your boycott call will probably go down as the real turning point for Overstock. It’s been nothing but profits ever since.

Do me a favor and demand a boycott of some of the companies in my portfolio ;).

I replied to what turns out to be a bogus email address words to the effect of:

“How do you equate 2 years of restated phony earnings, an SEC investigation, and a revelation of NYS tax fraud into profits? Your definition of nothing but profits is a bit odd.”

When I got back to the office, a quick search reveals that the email I received is very similar to a message board post by paid OSTK pretexter Judd Bagley on InvestorVillage:

OSTK msg # 39452 3/31/2010 5:02:18 PM
By: De Daumier-Smith

Re: The “O” reports… beats by .10. PPS zooming.

You OSTK shareholders really ought to ask Barry Ritholtz to call for a boycott of the company every Q4.

So whether this was Bagley himself engaging in his typical pretexting/cyber-fraud.false identity or just another Overstock parrot is irrelevant. What is fascinating to me is that somehow, these people somehow equate accounting fraud into positive earnings.

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