Wednesday Reading

I am going to do this in real time: I will add some links, and unless you see “Done” at the end, this will still be a work in progress.

• Top Paid Bank & Wall Street Executives (Bloomberg)
• Dan Gross: Will Europe Take America Down? (Slate)
• Treasury sells 1.5 billion Citi shares for $6.2 billion  (MarketWatch)
• Gold? Not a bubble. Yet. (Kedrosky)
Martin Wolf: The grasshoppers and the ants – a modern fable (FT)
• 25 Questions To Ask Anyone Who Believes The Economic Recovery Is Real (Black Listed News)
• California Leads States With Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction  (Real Time Economics)
• Fanboys Rejoice!: Apple Surpasses Microsoft in Market Cap (MarketBeat)
• BP America’s Twitter feed
• David Byrne sues FL gov over unauthorized use of “Road to Nowhere” in senate campaign ad (boingboing)
• The classic comedy AIRPLANE! is essentially a remake of the 1957 movie ZERO HOUR (YouTube).


What are you reading?

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