Friday Readings

Whenever I travel, I always accumulate a list of things to read. Its good for airplane entertainment, and is the reason I will likely get an iPad (but I will wait for 2.0 version).

Anyhow, before I trek back to the conference to see Mark Faber speak, here are the items that have caught my eye.

• Congress, HMOs, Big Business Rank Last in Confidence in Institutions (Gallup)

• Feinberg Faults Banks for $1.6 Billion in Bonuses; 80% of Bank Comp is excessive  (NYT Dealbook)

• The latest Big Mac index suggests the euro is still overvalued (Economist)

• What $1 Trillion Would Pay For . . .  (Kiplingers)

Chris Whalen: EU stress tests: who knows, who cares? (Reuters)

• Goldman Sachs Hands Clients Losses in ‘Top Trades’  (Bloomberg); see also Learning to Live With Conflicts of Interest (Bucks)

• Are Banks Withholding Highend Repossessions From the Market? (Real Estate Channel)

• The Brewing Coup Against Microsoft CEO (Daily Beast)

• Gold Coin Sellers Angered by New Tax Law (ABC)

• As U.S. suspends deep-water oil drilling, other nations move ahead (Washington Post)

“We are What We Choose” — Remarks by Jeff Bezos, delivered to Princeton Class of 2010 Baccalaureate (Princeton University)

Taibbi: The Steinbrenner Slobituary (Rolling Stones)

• The best use of twitter ever: Shakespalin

• God Hinting At Retirement (The Onion)

What are you reading?

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