Thursday Linkage

Some decidedly odd reading today, from (mostly) unusual sources:

• The great false choice, stimulus or austerity (

Themis Trading: Sen. Shumer is HFT Industry’s Bitch (Themis)

Eejits! HUD Offers Interest-Free Loans to Reduce Foreclosures (Bloomberg)

• Telling Swiss secrets: 222 billionaires (Global Post)

• How Soon Will We Face Deflation? (DeLong)

• Cockroach Theory and Levy Flight (Bigger Capital)

Paul Kasriel Runaway Federal Government Spending? I Report, You Decide  (Northern Trust)

• Identifying Psychopathic Fraudsters: These Men Know ‘Snakes in Suits’ (Fraud)

• Feds admit storing checkpoint body scan images (CNET)

Hitchens: ‘We’re all dying, with me it’s accelerated’ (Independent)

Is the Jet Blue Flight Attendant story Bunk ? Slater’s Story Raises Suspicion (

• Millions Of Barrels Of Oil Safely Reach Port In Major Environmental Catastrophe (The Onion)

What is on your browswer?

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