Israel Window to Bomb Iraq Reactor Closed ?

Debka via UBS’ s Andy Lees (in London) by way of Art Cashin in NY:

Geopolitics – Debka file reports that the announcement that Russia is set to activate Iran’s first nuclear power station by loading the fuel on August 21st has caused a major flap in Israel as it is reported that Russia has stationed S-300 anti missile batteries in Abkhazia on the Black Sea to protect the power station, which means that Israel’s air route to Iran is hereby closed and Moscow will do its utmost to thwart an Israeli air strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. John Bolton, former US ambassador to the UN defined Moscow’s date for loading the fuel rods into the reactor as the point of no return, describing August 21st as a deadline “by which Israel would have to launch an attack on Iran’s Bushehr reactor before it effectively becomes immune to assault”. Once they are loaded, then an attack would risk spreading radiation.

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