CrowdQuery: Can a 3rd Party Rise in US?

Two fascinating side-by-side front page stories in the Sunday Times makes for interesting cocktail party chatter

The first is G.O.P. Insider Fuels Tea Party and Suspicion. It essentially argues what started out as a legitimate 3rd party effort has been hijacked by the far right wing of the GOP. So much for a 3rd party coming out of THAT.

The second is Bloomberg Vows to Help Bolster Political Center (online version use the hed “Bloomberg Pushes Moderates in National Races”). Bloomberg is giving money, endorsements and support to both moderate GOP and Democratic candidates.

The most interesting thing to me from the article were these paragraphs:

“In the last election, Mr. Bloomberg, the nation’s most prominent and wealthiest independent elected official, explored the possibility of a presidential run but concluded that the moment was not right for a third-party candidacy. But his plunge back into national politics suggests he is once again seeking to elevate his profile and test the viability of running as a centrist problem solver.

Mike Murphy, a Republican political strategist who is advising Ms. Whitman’s campaign, called Mr. Bloomberg “a very special breed.”

“People see him not through a Democratic or Republican prism, but through a results, grown-up, get-it-fixed, make-it-work prism, which is very attractive,” Mr. Murphy said. “He has a very wide appeal.”

Fascinating stuff.

CrowdQuery: Can a legitimate third party arise in the USA? Can a 3rd party candidate really win the White House in the 21st century?

What say ye?

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