Lehman’s Bankruptcy: 2 Year Anniversary

I’ve spilled so many pixels on Lehman Brothers, I have almost nothing new left to add.

For those of you newer to the site, however, here are a few of the Big Picture’s “Greatest Hits” regarding Lehman:

• 2 years ago today, we wrote: The Terrible Lessons of Bear Stearns (as applied to LEH)

•  Dick Fuld’s Fantastic Revisionism ! (September 2nd, 2010)

2008 Bailout Counter-Factual (August 17th, 2010)

Charlie Gasparino Owes David Einhorn (and me) an Apology (March 12th, 2010)   (Video here)

Financial Sector: Beware LEH, CIT (June 3rd, 2008)

• There’s lots of Lehman related analysis in Bailout Nation, published May 2009 (reviews here).

Causation Analysis: What “But Fors” Caused the Crisis ? (February 3rd, 2010)

Bailout Skyline (February 2nd, 2010)

Who Bears the Costs of Post-Crisis Recovery ? (January 20th, 2010)

Wages of Failure: Exec Comp at Bear, Lehman 2000-08 (January 11th, 2010)

Bear Stearns, Lehman Execs Kept Billions . . . (November 23rd, 2009)

Anyone interested in an exhaustive review can see every bailout post — all 1,534 of them — by clicking here

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