Alan Greenspan’s Asset Bubble Band

Here’s how to start your morning with a laugh:

Can you find:

George Dubya Bush, Ayn Rand,  Erin Callan, Steve Flintstone, Wall Street Madam, Chris “Party Time” Cox, Chucky the Dancer Prince, Sandy 2Big2Fail Weill, Charles Ponzi, Johnny Comode, Hank Greenberg, Senator Dodge, Ronald & Bonzo, Jamie Dimon, Bubba Clinton, Gideon Gono, Barney Rubble, Robert Rubin, Vikram Pandit, Tyler Durden, John Howstheweather, Jimmy Cannibis, Bernie Madoff, Dr Ben, Alan Greenspan, Hank Paulsen, Forest Gump, Bobby Dylan, Christine Romer, WillamBanzai7, Mad Cramer, John Milton Clown, Maria Bartiromo, Uncle Milton, Obama Bin Banksta, Justin Bieber, Stan Oh Shit!, Super Gramm, Father Blankfein, Lucas Van Praag, Neal Cash N Carry, Warren Buffoon, TurboTim, Joey Fast Talk Cassano, Fabrice Tourre, Angelo Godzilla, Dick the Gorilla, Chuckie Fast Trade Schumer, Ken Screwless Lewis, Larry Summers


click for ginormous graphic

Anyone know the source of this?

Source: The WilliamBanzai7 Blog

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