“Modestly Bullish Again…”


Barron’s online has an absurdly nice column about yours truly:

IN RECENT YEARS, MONEY manager Barry Ritholtz has emerged as one of cable television’s most entertaining and compelling talking heads on topics of importance to investors.

But a visitor to Ritholtz’s understated offices in midtown Manhattan won’t find TV sets blaring CNBC or Fox Business News. According to Ritholtz, the CEO and research director of Fusion IQ, the quiet makes it easier for him and his team of researchers to think clearly and analytically about the markets.

In other words, he prefers not having to hear the kind of chatter that he and other market mavens routinely provide.

“With television, the sentiment virus will infect you,” says Ritholtz, who turned 49 last week. “What television does is best is pass along the emotions of the market.”

Along with his partner, Kevin Lane, Ritholtz uses a combination of fundamental and technical investment measures to pick stocks in the separately managed accounts of his private clients. Starting with only $15 million three years ago, Fusion now runs close to $500 million in private client money.

Ritholtz is also willing to make big-asset bets and most of them have been on target in the last two years. His market calls, way with words and outsized personality have helped him develop a following for his “Big Picture” blog. And his well-received book on the financial crisis, Bailout Nation, is now out in a paperback printing.

Shortly after the Dow hit its all-time high in October 2007, Ritholtz, a lawyer by training, began loading up on cash and he remained bearish on stocks through 2008. He thus spared his small base of clients much of the horror of the resulting meltdown in the stock market.

He says he began loading up in stocks again around the time the market bottomed in March 2009, because he and his team noticed that almost every stock in the S&P 500 was trading below its 200-day moving average – a contrarian bullish-technical sign that ended up paying off.”

That was embarrassingly lovely.

I have to get my partner Kevin to start doing more media again — he is as good a pure technician as there is — and he makes my job easier . . .


Barry Ritholtz is Modestly Bullish Again
Barrons OCTOBER 26, 2010

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