Transparent Government: NY

SeeThroughNY is a site run by right wing think tank Manhattan institute. It scrapes publicly available data to show the salaries and pensions of just about everyone in NYS who is on the public payroll, from the Governor to cops & firemen to your local teachers:

SeeThroughNY: A place for taxpayers to download, share, analyze and compare data on public payrolls, expenditures, contracts and taxes.

This is the sort of public information that should be available to taxpayers — and voters — at every level of government, from the US Federal Government to the smallest local town.

And, that should include campaign contributions. Everyone who buys a congressman donates to any campaign should have that information disclosed on the web. That includes corporations; No one  should not be able to hide behind nonprofit 501(c)(4) organizations to anonymously push their own corporate agenda.

Somehow, the Supreme Court has gotten this totally ass backwards. The rule is “One man, one vote” — not one Dollar, one vote. That the court has gotten this so wrong is a national embarrassment.



Invictus discusses the impact of this on state employee pension plans here: Transparent Government: Part II

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