Portugal now getting pressure to walk the plank?

The FT Deutschland is reporting that the EU is pressuring Portugal to be the next to walk the plank and quickly accept a bailout package in order to head off the spreading of credit worries. This story however was denied by a German government spokesman and Portugal said they are not being asked. Either way, 5 yr CDS in Portugal, Ireland and Spain are rising to new record highs at 500, 600 and 320 bps respectively. To put these sovereign levels into perspective, California trades at 300, El Salvador at 310, Lebanon at 295, Hungary at 360, Coca Cola at 38, McDonalds at 39, Cablevision at 360 and the USA at 42. Following up Axel Weber’s comments on Wed that the EU/IMF could always expand the side of the EFSF, the German Govt immediately told him to shush up and Merkel said the existing facility is enough. While euro LIBOR has remained stable over the past few weeks, US$ LIBOR is at the highest since Sept 2nd.

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