OMG! Timmy is Tweeting/Blogging

As I tweeted earlier — God, I hate that phrase — Timmy (aka Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner), is now tweeting AND blogging.

The Blog is called “Treasury Notes” (Get it? Notes? Its a LOL-pun!) and it promises to be updated regularly.

As someone who has been blogging for a decade or so, I have a few (Heh heh) suggestions for the Treasury Secretary:

1. Bring in Guest Posters: You have access to a variety of econ insiders. Bring on the occasional guests, like Austan Goolsbee, and Ben Bernanke. They might provide a different take. (plus, they can cover the blog you while you are on vacation!).

2. Personalize It: Skip the dry econo-junk and give us some of your personality — likes, dislikes, etc. I don’t expect Friday Night Jazz, but toss some flavah into it.

3. Allow (moderated) comments: Wanna learn what the public thinks? Allow comments. But not just any comments — the unwashed masses are, well, unwashed. This means you must be a little selective. Make readers register, and screen out the obvious loons. Once you eliminate the demented crazies, gold bugs, and ZH readers, you will be left with some interesting feedback from the public.

4. Blog Roll: All bloggers have a list of favorite sites, you should too (i.e., St. Louis Fed and Keep it short, and make sure  LOLFed is part of your blog roll.

5.  Tweeting:  Less is more. Only tweet when you have something to say. Keep it relevant. Also, be sure to add the double-dollar sign (“$$”) so your tweets appear in the StockTwit stream.

6. Post regularly:  A blog that is not updated frequently isn’t really a blog. Give us at least a daily insight — No press releases! — into what you are  thinking about.

7.  Syndication: Don’t even think about spreading your content out. Cross posting on Seeking Alpha, Huff Po, etc. only works for those bloggers with zero visibility. You have a persona; what little traffic you’ll get is not worth diluting your brand.

Click below for the blog.


Treasury Notes

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