Brennan JB7 Digital Jukebox


The Brennan JB7 comes very close to a device that I would not only buy, but make the centerpiece of my home audio system. However, it is missing two key components that is preventing it from blowing up. (If Brennan fixes these omissions, they will sell 10 million of them worldwide).

Consider what it does:

• You transfer CDs to its hard drive in compressed or non compressed versions.

• The compressed transfer are MP3s at various bit rates;

• Uncompressed are straight lossless copies;

• Full database of several million discs automatically capture artists, disc and song names.

• Various search, play and random list

• Small footprint

Why I cannot buy this:

• Only output is 3.5 mm headphone jack (no HDMI or full audio out)

• Hard drive size is limited to 600 lossless CD storage

• Not expandable via additional hard drives (like Tivo)

Overall, the concept and execution looks great, but I need to store 3000 CDs and have a high end audio output.

Company info:
Brennan (US)
Brennan, UK

Gramaphone: Brennan JB7 Good news for CD owners
Music Web: CD storage facility for up to 5000 CDs
TechStyles Brennan JB7 – CD player with up to a 5,000 CD disc capacity hard drive


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