Football and the 30 Second Advance Button

I like watching football, but I cannot stand the way the games are televised.

On the clock, you have 60 minutes per game, of which there is maybe thirty 14 minutes of actual football played. In real time, that 14 minutes occurs over the course of 3 and ½ hours.

Who the hell has time for that 15 weeks a year, plus the playoffs?

But given that I am in recovery mode, and unable to do much of anything, I decide to Tivo the Bears-Seahawks game and the Jets-Patriots. But I take a nap (hey, gotta get my strength back) so I sit down watch the Bears (with my Chicago native brother-in-law) about 2 hours into the game.


Its more than no commercials — yhough that is great — the 30 second advance means none of the inane color commentary (“You gotta catch the ball!” Really?I wasn’t sure that was a rule!)  Penalties, injuries, time outs, replays, breaking news, other scores  — all gone.

We end up watching the entire game in 40 minutes.

Next up: Jets Patriots!

I may never watch a huddle or time out ever again . . .


UPDATE — January 16, 2011 7:05PM

So we catch up to the live game for the last 7 minutes — it is interminable, taking as long as the previous 53 minutes of game time.

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