Weekend Reads

Here’s what I will be perusing this weekend:

Michael Lewis: When Irish Eyes Are Crying (Vanity Fair)

• Rethinking Stocks for the Long Haul (Businessweek)

• Permabears’ growling, grudging bullishness (Marketwatch)

• What Ever Happened to Robert Prechters Dow 1,000 Call? (WSCS)

• Simon Johnson: The Ruinous Fiscal Impact of Big Banks (Economix)

• Angela in Wunderland: What Germany’s got right, and what it hasn’t (Economist)

• Ten Stupidly High P/E Ratios in the S&P! (MarketBeat)

• One Million Surveys Reveal Portrait of Americans’ Well being (Gallup)

Why and How To Write: In Which We Get You Writing Something Dark And Very Disturbed (This Recording)

• Huge ISPs want per-GB payments from Netflix, YouTube (Ars Technica)

What are you reading?

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