I Hate Corn Ethanol.com

So on a lark today, I grabbed a new URL: IHateCornEthanol.com

I was thinking that with all this newfound talk about fiscal responsibility, perhaps it might be time to put an end to one of the dumbest Energy/Ag subsidies in the history of the US: Burning food (corn) for fuel.

I do not have any issue with alt.fuels — but they have to make sense. Ethanol does not.

I am thinking of some interesting ideas to use this with in the coming 2012 Electoral season:

• Get candidates to sign a pledge to do away with Corn Ethanol Subsidies

• Clearing house for all corn ethanol related research, news, data.

• Community / Message board for ethanol related haters

Any ideas? What should be done of value with this web site?


PS: I have the domain set to auto-forward to the energy category of TBP (Try it: IHateCornEthanol.com)

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