Surprisingly Good iPad 2 reviews

For those of you thinking about picking up Apple’s new iPad2, the reviews are out — and they are pretty damned good:

Engadget: “The iPad 2 isn’t just the best tablet on the market, it feels like the only tablet on the market

NYT/Pogue: “The iPad will still dominate the market”

WSJ/Mossberg: “Best tablet for average consumers”

Daring Fireball/Gruber: “Like last year’s iPhone 4, it seems like technology from the near future”

However, as David Pogue showed in his NYT tech column (I love this), the reviewers are not always all that smart:

– “An utter disappointment and abysmal failure” (Orange County Design Blog).
– “Consumers seem genuinely baffled by why they might need it” (Businessweek).
– “Nothing more than a luxury bauble that will appeal to a few gadget freaks” (Bloomberg).
– “Insanely great it is not” (MarketWatch).
– “My god, am I underwhelmed” (Gizmodo).
(tee hee)

Get your hands on one and play with it yourselves. . . .

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