MISH Jumps the Shark

I like Mike Shedlock — but I have no idea what to make of this foolishness he recently posted:

How the CRA Fueled the Housing Bubble

That “source” Mish is citing is a (WTF?) IBD Editorial — an editorial page notorious for their hard right views. They do not believe that radical deregulation of the financial markets had anything to do with causing the crisis. I wont even bother debunking the foolishness there — it is a flat earth argument that has been thoroughly discredited.

Dude, you have put out enough intelligent commentary over the years that I was willing to skip past the populist ravings, the anti-union screeds, the gold buggery, even the cranky end of world nonsense that seems to be in fashion.

But you need to ask yourself: Are you Seeking the Truth — Or Obscuring It?

This foolish posts suggest the latter. Please let me know when you return to the former. Until then, there are more accurate and intellectually honest things awaiting my time . . .


Searching for the Truth in an Age of Disingenuousness (December 31st, 2010)

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