Monday Reads

Some interesting reading to start off your week:

• Scenes From the Madoff Masquerade (NYT)
Roger Lowenstein: Buffett on the Spot, or What were you thinking, Warren? (Newsweek)
• How Your Journalism Sausage Gets Made (Forbes, Part One and Part Two)
• Lawyers got it right on the foreclosure mess (WaPo) See also Warning signs of foreclosure crisis were ignored (WaPo)
• Nassim Taleb on Living with Black Swans (Knowledge@Wharton)
• Don’t let banks gamble with taxpayer money (
• Bill Gross Battles Dealers on Outlook as Treasuries Gain (Bloomberg)
• The Sharing Economy (Fast Company)
• What Lucky People Do Different (Jonathan Fields)
• Rude Boys: The birth of the Beastie Boys—an oral history on the 25th anniversary of Licensed to Ill (NY MagI’m more of a Paul’s Boutique kinda guy

What are you reading?

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