Tuesday LinkFest

Readin’ is good for ya:

Joe Nocera: Letting the Banks Off the Hook (NYT) My favorite column today
• Gold Kisses $1,500 (Bloomberg)
• Overvalued, Overbought, Overbullish (Hussman)
• The Science of Why We Don’t Believe Science (MoJo)
The Beeb eavesdrops on that ratings agency downgrade meeting (BBC)
• Is Twitter worth $10 billion? (Marketwatch)
• Tax Rates Down Dramatically for the Super Wealthy (Atlantic Wire)
• Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq (The Independent)
• Andrew Sarris on Film Criticism (The Browser)
• How I, a married, middle-aged man, became an accidental spokesperson for gay rights overnight (Richard Metzger)

What choo readin’ (when ya aint datin’ yer cuzins?)

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