Congressman Grimm: Corporations are the Heart and Soul of our Public

Direct quote from Congressman Grimm of New York (R-NY) on why a whistleblower bill should be watered down to protect corporate interests:

Grimm (R-NY):

“…but I wanna just strongly disagree with my colleague from NY that has left and it’s this idea that the whistleblower we’re protecting is the public. And that corporate America is not. That’s a fundamental problem that we have of ideology.

These corporations, a lot of the plumbers and all the different unions and teachers and every other person in America, they’re invested in these companies. Their pensions are invested in these companies. It’s corporate America that’s providing all the jobs that we all talk about, creating jobs, who do you think is creating these jobs? This is where America works. This is where America invests. These corporations are the heart and soul of our public…

So to think that we’re pitting corporations against the public is just is this demonization that has to stop. The idea that we want these companies to succeed, not at the expense of a whistleblower, that’s drawing a divide that is not there.”

Grimm’s comments come 1 hour 11 minutes into video

Hat tip: Manal Mehta Branch Hill Capital

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