OBL-Free Reading List

Here’s what is on my Instapaper:

• How to Profit From the Shrinking Dollar (WSJ)
• New Households Form at Fastest Rate Since ’07 in Resurgent U.S. (Bloomberg)
• The F.D.I.C.’s Lehman Fantasy (Dealbook)
• Keyboards First. Then Grenades. (NYT)
• Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (Guernica)
• An Empty Offer from the Super-Rich (Newsweek)
• Navy SEAL Raid Reflects Tradition of Grit, Secrecy (Bloomberg)
• What I Think I Know About Journalism (Jay Rosen PressThink)
• FiveBooks Interview: Michael Howard on War (FiveBooks)
• A Go-to Site for Tracking Music Acts (NYT)

What are you reading ?

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