On Mark Haines

Mark Haines
May 25, 2011
David R. Kotok


Over the years, it has been my personal privilege to be with Mark Haines many times. In earlier times, we talked about stocks and bonds when Mark anchored Squawk Box. More recently there were conversations on Squawk on the Street. ETFs were added to the lexicon. We interviewed with Mark and Melissa Lee and numerous times with Mark and Erin Burnett.

Often I would see Mark before the show while waiting on the security folks at the New York Stock Exchange. Mark would say something like “You know I can’t take you in. I do not make the rules.” The greeting was genuine. The irascible demeanor gave way to a more practical and humane one.

Mark Haines could cut right to the key point in an interview. He would interrupt directly if he thought there was too much “bull” flowing. On the other hand, he would let you go if he thought you were making a key point. I recall a long stretch when I was citing some data on the high costs of the ethanol subsidy. Mark gave me the extra minute to complete the point. Off camera he was asked why and said something like “He [meaning me] was saying something that needed to be said.”

When he growled, I never thought it would turn into a bite. When he was short on time, I understood. I always looked forward to those three minutes at the NYSE and that interview with Mark Haines.

You are a unique personality, Mark Haines, and you will be sorely missed. May you now rest peacefully.


David R. Kotok, Chairman and Chief Investment Officer

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