Richard Russell Goes Full Bore Political

This is really surprising to me:

“The bombastic, egotistical Donald Trump is no Reagan. He may not even be a Gerald Ford. But like every other 2012 GOP candidate, Trump would make a better president than Barrack Obama.”

From the April 29 op/ed section of Investor’s Business Daily. And Russell agrees.’

The above excerpt is from Dow Theorist Richard Russell. The octogenarian Russell usually calls it like he sees it.

I’ve been very critical of Obama’s economic stewardship. But really, the blowhard clown Donald Trump? C’mon!

I wrote “Why politics and investing don’t mix” in order to show people how easily it is to become biased if you let your emotions get the best of you. It is a constant battle to prevent getting sucked into that maelstrom.

It is a shame that Russell has lost that battle . . .

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