Afternoon Reads

Here are the latest additions to my Instapaper for the ride home:

• Dow 20,000 next? It’s Pure Speculative Hype (Market Watch)
• Bloomberg TV Takes on CNBC, Pushes for a Wider Audience (NY Times)
• Stock Market Chart of the Day: Socialism vs. Cowboy Capitalism (Columbia Review)
• How the Fed Could Set Off a New Recession (Fiscal Times) see also The Return to Honest Money (FOFOA)
• The Social Costs of Deindustrialization (Working Class Studies)
• Modern Money Theory: A Primer for Sovereign Monetary Systems (New Economic Perspectives)
• Obtract Tracks And Shares Your Distraction Levels–And Gets You Working Again (Co Design)
If You’re resisting an Evora, this may be the final straw (Lotus Cars)
• Animal rights: Chimpanzee research on trial (Nature News)
• Tennis: The Most Beautiful Game – Roger my Number One! (Prospect)

What are you reading?

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