Blackberry vs Apple vs Droid

About 6 months ago on CNBC Fast Money, I discussed why Blackberry was toast (cant find the video, but it may been this).

I was astonished anyone would even defend RIMM against the Apple onslaught. To be blunt, i am surprised RIMM is a still a double digit stock.

This was one of the cases where it was too easy: You did not need to be a quant or a rocket scientist or any sort of genius to see that Apple was eating RIMM’s lunch. The pushback against this obvious observation was surprisingly robust, as Wall Street analysts defended the name. Was it a purely a case of a value trap, or merely whoring for more banking business?

Regardless, it seems the last Street Analyst threw in the towel today.

I do not know when RIMM truly becomes a value play, but I don’t see the stock as dirt cheap here.

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