Weekend Reading List

Some reads for the rest of the weekend:

• Taking wrong lessons from the banking crisis. (David Olive’s Everybody’s Business)
• The Great Corn Con (NYT)
• Whither Greece? (Truman Factor)
• Austerity Is Already Here, and It’s Killing the Recovery (The Atlantic) see also Mr Keynes and the moderns (Vox)
Madoff Trustee Demands $19 Billion in Damages (Bloomberg)
• Why Do Airlines Always Lose Money? Hint: It’s Not Due to Taxes or Fuel Costs (Freakonomics)
• Silly Liberals and Their So-Called “Facts” (Plain Blog About Politics) see also If Congress Does Nothing, The Deficit Will Disappear (Talking Points Memo)
Scorecasting: Swing for the Fences (London Review of Books)
• Misfires in Marketing at BlackBerry (WSJ)
• Practical Tips on Writing a Book from 23 Brilliant Authors (Neuro Tribes)

What are you reading?

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