10 Friday Afternoon Reads

With Peter on vacation  (No Succinct Summation this week!) here are some reads for your Friday ride home:

• Elizabeth Warren, Consumer Protection Champion, Has Already Won  (BusinessWeek)
• Once Greece goes… (London Review of Books) see also Charts of country wise “Risk” (GMB Post)
• Household Debt Is at Heart of Weak U.S. Economy: Business Class (Bloomberg)
Ken Rogoff: Technology and Inequality (Project Syndicate)
• Five Myths About The Debt Ceiling (Washington Post)
• The Final Nail In The Supply Side Coffin (Salon)
• As Wall St. Polices Itself (HAHAHA!) Prosecutors Use Softer Approach (NYT)
• Andrew Chaikin on Space Exploration (The Browser)
• You Paid How Much For That Ticket!? (LA Times)
• The Bikini: A History In Photos (Discovery News)

What are you reading?

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