Mid-Week Morning Reads

Here is some midweek reading:

• Martin Wolf: From Italy to the US, utopia vs reality (FT.com)
• US Economic Free Lunch (World’s Highest Med Costs, Largest Military and Very Low Taxes) is Ending (NYT) see also We have a taxing problem, not just a spending problem (Washington Post)
• Bottom Fishers, Beware! (Barron’s)
• EU considers ban on ratings agencies (Sydney Morning Herald)
News Corp earned $10.4B in profits, collected $4.8B in US income tax refunds! (Reuters) David Cay Johntson calls for mulligan, admits math error (Reuters)
• Mortgage Rates Are Great, If You Qualify (Yahoo Finance)
• China’s Other Revolution (Boston Review)
• Debt talks reveal Republicans’ apocalyptic war on government (WaPo) see also Sen. McConnell Proposes To Let Hostages Go (The New Republic)
• New M3 leads M Car boom (Auto Express)
• John Mayer 2011 Clinic – “Manage the Temptation to Publish Yourself” (Berklee Blogs)

What are you reading?

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