Monday Afternoon Reads

My late afternoon reading:

• Succeeding Blankfein at Goldman May Prove Hurdle Too High for No. 2 Cohn (Bloomberg) see also “It’s Too Bad. And I Don’t Mean It’s Too Bad Like ‘Screw ’Em.’” (NY Mag)
• On a Wild Ride With Bulls, Bears (WSJ)
• Hack Work (New Yorker) see also Scandal Splinters a Family Business (NYT)
• Is Housing-Market Squeeze Tightening? (WSJ)
• Shiller: Taxing and Spending, in Balance (NYT) see also Of Loopholes and Potholes (Economix)
• How Much Is This Blog Post Worth? (WSJ)
• Tea Party’s Misguided Love of the Rich (Consortium News) see also Wall Street Donated Heavily To Boehner As The GOP Blocked Funding For Dodd-Frank (Think Progress)
• The Left and the Right in Thinking, Personality, and Politics (Sociology, University of Santa Cruz)
• 10 Free Business Tools Too Valuable To Ignore (Open Forum)
• For Amy (Russell Brand)

What are you reading?

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