10 Thursday AM Post-Crash Reads

This is what I am reading this morning:

• How to make the best of the long malaise (FT.com)
• Farewell G7 AAA’s (FT.comsee also The Journal Hypes the Downgrade (Columbia Journalism Review)
• Timing the Market Works for Some Pros but Is Risky for Average Joe (WSJ)
•  Dissents Pose New Test for Bernanke (WSJ) see also Central Bankers Race to Protect Growth in 72 Hours of Crisis (Bloomberg)
• Among Hedge Funds, Big Winners, Losers (WSJ)
• French banks under renewed pressure (FT.com)
• America’s debt is not its biggest problem (WaPo) see also Gross Beats Summers as Selloff Shows ‘New Normal’ Is Real (Bloomberg)
• Bank of America’s back-door TARP (CNN Money)
• Secrets To A Successful Fake Twitter Character (Fast Company)
• The Impact of Blogs Part II: Blogging enhances the blogger’s reputation. But, does it influence policy? (Development Impact)

What are you reading?


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