Monday’s Crash Reading

Here is what’s worth reading this afternoon:

• VIX curve implies a ‘systematically important shock event’ ( see also In Crisis Mode, Hedge Fund Managers Turn To The VIX (Kenneth Rapoza)
• Business networks (‘cept CNBC) rush in with Weeeknd downgrade coverage (Yahoo Finance)
• The Business of Austerity (New Yorker) see also Defining Economic Interest (Economix)
• Subpoenas For High Speed Trade Firms (WSJ) but see Criminal Mortgage Probes Fizzle (WSJ)
• Wall Street’s Tax on Main Street (NYT)
• National debt by U.S. presidential terms (Wikipedia) see also The Meltdown’s True Villain (The Daily Beast)
• How Bad Is It? (New Yorker)
• Kass: Change Is What We Need (The Street) see also Voters Want a Change Politicians Can’t Deliver (NYT)
• The Root of All Sovereign-Debt Crises (Project Syndicate)
• The Curse of the Triple-A Rating Is Still Haunting the U.S. (WSJ) see also Banks say they had prepared for downgrade (

What are you reading?

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