Tuesday Afternoon Earthquake Reads

My afternoon reading material:

• A ‘no-growth’ boom will follow 2012 global crash (Market Watch)
• El-Erian Joins With Feldstein-Fels on Prospect of New Core Euro (Bloomberg) see also Spend Now, Save Later, Bond Fund Leaders Say (NYT)
• NY Fed Director Kathryn Wylde Provokes Accusations Of Conflict Of Interest (HuffPo)
• Investors Call for 4-Way Breakup of McGraw-Hill (Deal Book) see also S&P President to Step Down (Deal Book)
• Against “Japan-ification” (FT.com) see also Mistaken policy lessons from Japan? (Vox)
• The Rich Can Afford to Pay More Taxes (Economix)
The Corruption of Darryl Issa: Regulator, Lawmaker and a Quandary (NYT)
• Tabloid’s Pursuit of Missing Girl Led to Its Own Demise (WSJ)
• Slip-Up in Chinese Military TV Show Reveals More Than Intended (Epoch Times)
• Rick Perry’s Scientific Campaign Method (NYT)

What are you reading?


Devastation from East Coast 5.9 Earthquake

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