Post Market Whackage Morning Reads

Hey, I was out of the office all day yesterday — did I miss anything?

Meanwhile, here is what will catch you up with what’s going on:

• Stocks Fall Anew on Debt Worries and the Economy (NYT) see also Economy Sinks Markets (WSJ)
• Economic Myths: We Separate Fact From Fiction (Pro Publica)
• Crude Dives Toward $80 Amid Global Market Rout (WSJ) see also Gold Ends Above $1,800 (WSJ)
• In Crisis, Reminders of Disputes in Euro’s Founding (NYT)
• U.S. Stocks Sink as Treasury Yields Fall (Bloomberg) see also ‘R’ is for recession, not recovery (Market Watch)
This may have been the smartest thing I’ve read this week: Volatile Stocks Seen Leaving Lasting Scars on U.S. Fund Investors’ Psyche (Bloomberg)
January 2008: 5 Stages of Market Grief (TBP)
• The new firm employment puzzle (Fed of Atlanta) see also Connecting the Dots: Texas Employment Growth; a Dissenting Vote; and the Ugly Truth (With Reference to P.G. Wodehouse) (Fed Dallas)
So last century! — FINRA Details What Brokers Can and Can’t Do With Social Media (Financial Advisor)
Christopher Hitchens: Britons Have Been Violent and Cruel for Generations (Slate)

What are you reading?


Where are we in this cycle?

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