Things Apple is Worth More Than

My new favorite Tumbler blog is the hilarious Things Apple is Worth More Than !


Apple’s Market Cap is Now $340 Billion. What’s Littler?

Total Corporate Income Tax for 2011

Via @TheArmoTrader:

Corporations will pay a total of $247.2 billion in state, local and federal income tax this year.

19th Aug 2011

American Obesity

From @csilvers416:

“The economic cost of obesity in America is $300 billion”


19th Aug 2011

45 Days Worth of Global Oil Consumption

from @hassankhan:

“Apple is worth more than 45 days of worldwide oil consumption – Roughly $7 billion per day assuming 86 million barrels a day at $83 per barrel (Nymex Crude)”

19th Aug 2011

The Great Wall of China

From @JosephMosby:

“3.873 billion bricks in the Great Wall of China * $.52 per brick = Apple is worth more than the Great Wall of China”

19th Aug 2011

All 32 Euro Zone Banks

From Reuters:

Earlier on Friday the DJ STOXX euro zone banks index fell 4 percent, valuing its 32 members at $340 billion.

In contrast, Apple’s market capitalization has soared to $340 billion on the back of the success of innovative technology products like iPods, iPhones and iPads.

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