10 Tuesday PM Reads

Eclectic Train Reading:

• Dow hits 20,250 by 2020, but first a big crash (Marketwatch)
• Survival Of The Stupidest (Science 2.0)
• Should You Automatically Reinvest Dividends? (NYT)
• Milton Friedman misunderstood Quantitative Easing (Pragmatic Capitalism)
• Decoding the Wide Variations in House Appraisals (NYT)
• Pre-Copernican Models and Economic Forecasts (Modeled Behavior)
Jon Stewart: Daily Show is like Fox News: ‘We’re Both Expressions of Dissatisfaction’ (Rolling Stone) see also Behind the Scenes with TDS (Rolling Stone)
• Google Goes Face to Facebook (WSJ)
• Ayn Rand: A Fitting Muse for the Tyranny of the Self (Jesse’s Café Américain)
• An Immune System Trained to Kill Cancer (NYT)

What are you reading?

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