10 Labor Day Afternoon Reads

Its been a hazy, lazy Labor Day, capping off a full week of outdoor activities. I am now back in my climate controlled lair, ready for a nap. I know exactly what I will read before dropping off for an afternoon siesta:

Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Mark Spitznagel The great bank robbery (CNN) Bankers to extract $5 trillion from the US economy this in the coming decade
• Supercommittee Pits Lobbying Firms’ Clients Against One Another (Bloomberg)
Forsyth: Buy Stocks, Not Economic Data (Barron’s)
• How the wealthy keep rolling in it (Business Live) see also Revolt of the Elites (Balkinization)
• Energy grid: safe from cyber attack? (Discovery News)
• Life in Hooverville (…….)
• Social Media’s Slow Slog Into the Ivory Towers of Academia (The Atlantic)
• Some Neurons Just Love Animals (Noah Gray)
• Ten Enduring Myths About the U.S. Space Program (Smithsonian)
All an act: Notes on John Cusack and the art of being yourself (Press Play)

What did you read this weekend?


Via Jeff Parker, Florida Today

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