10 Turnaround Tuesday PM Reads

Here are some reads for Turnaround Tuesday:

• Bernanke warns Congress against deep budget cuts in weak economy (LA Times)
• Recession, Restructuring, and the Ring Fence (Hussman Funds) see also Dexia, BNP Resist Greek Losses Three Times Worse Than Booked (Bloomberg)
Todd Harrison: Profitable Opinion Is Rarely Popular (MarketWatch)
• Why We Can’t Ignore Housing Anymore (Real Time Economics)
• 2012 elections portend even greater turmoil and instability (FT.com)
• House of Cronies: Is Freddie Mac Incompetent or Corrupt? (The Atlantic) see also Money and politics: Ask what your country can do for you (The Economist)
• Top athletes and singers have coaches. Should you? (New Yorker)
• Apple’s Next iPhone Poised to Usher In ‘Star Trek’-Style Voice Recognition   (Bloomberg) see also Steve Jobs, the Perfect CEO (Wired)
• Don Lapre, “King Of The Infomercials,” commits suicide while in jail (A.V. Club)
• The Case for Using Predator Drone Strikes Against Wall Street Executives (Rude Pundit)

What are you reading?


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