Tuesday PM Reads

Afternoon Train Reading:

• An apocalyptic end to world’s biggest bubble (Market Watch)
• Inflated Expectations for an Economic Fix (WSJ) see also In Cautious Times, Banks Flooded With Cash (NYT)
• A pox on all your AAA houses (FT.com)
• Ritholtz Interview: An Uncompromised View of Contemporary American Politics and Economics (Capitalism Without Failure)
• Court orders Overstock’s Deep Capture slander mill shut down (Stockwatch)
• Penny Wise and Euro Foolish (Hussman Funds) see also Risk on the rise as political leaders give in to mob rule (FT.com)
• Don’t Blink! The Hazards of Confidence (NYT)
• Steve Jobs & the art of focus (Presentation Zen) see also On Steve Jobs’s passing (Armed and Dangerous)
• How Netflix Lost 800,000 Members, and Good Will (NYT)
• An interview with David Eagleman, neuroscientist (boingboing)

What are you reading?

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