Weekend Reads

Some weekend reading material for y’all:

• Stocks Fend Off Bear, Close Up for the Year (WSJ) see also Bull? Bear? Bring It On! (WSJ)
• HFT is Insatiable – its Hidden Costs (Nanex)
• All-In and All-Out (The Reformed Broker)
• The New Land Grab: Profiting from Foreclosures (Fiscal Times) see also Sharp rise in foreclosures as banks move in (MSNBC)
• More Important than Historical Statistics–Private Debt Decline (Comstock Funds) see also Europe’s Capital Rules Miss the Mark  (Bloomberg)
• Rescuing America from Wall Street (Washington Post) see also Hollywood’s Favorite Villain (WSJ)
• New Rules: Disclosure obligations for cyber attacks on public firms (Securities & Exchange Commission)
• Scott Forstall, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice at Apple (Businessweek) see also A conversation with Woz (Real Dan)
• BlackBerry cuts made roads safer, police say (The National)
• Records: Obama used Romney as health care model (USA Today) see also Doctor Visits Plunge 8% Year-Over Year (Business Insider)

What are you reading?


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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