10 Friday AM Reads

This lovely Friday’s end of week reading:

• Banking Systems Most Exposed to PIIGS Nations – 3,2 trillion USD (Asymptotix) see also Everything you need to know about the European debt crisis in one post (Washington Post)
• Volcker on the Unfinished Business Financial Reform: (NY Review of Books)
• Moral Hazard? Does MFGlobal Demise Show U.S. Willing to Let Bigger Firms Fail? (Bloomberg)
• Slowpoke Traders Seek to Gain on Speedsters (WSJ)
• The MF Global fun never stops:
…..-Masked Debt Risks (WSJ)
…..-As Regulators Pressed Changes, Corzine Pushed Back, and Won (DealBook)
• Dividend Swaps Signal No Slowdown as European Crisis Boils (Bloomberg)
• Groupon’s No Bargain (The Daily Beast)
• Artificial stupidity: Siri suffers a 5-hour outage (Fortune)
Eejits: ‘Journalists all use Wikipedia’ (Poynter)
• The Big List of Behavioral Biases (Psy-Fi Blog)

What are you reading?


Source : BusinessWeek

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