10 PM Tuesday Reads

My train reading for the luxurious ride home:

Timmeh! Report Says New York Fed Didn’t Cut Deals on A.I.G. (NYT) see also Waiting on an AIG Sale (WSJ)
• MF Global Exposes Proprietary-Trading Risk Volcker Rule Aims to Curb (Bloomberg)
• BofA and the bond insurers: Time to start talking settlement? (Reuters)
Farrell: Rich Class fighting 99%, winning big-time (Market Watch)
• Corporate Bond Issues Hit a Wall in Demand (WSJ)
Success: What’s Luck Got to Do With It? (NYT)
• Surprises of Radical Management (Forbes)
Jerry Brown: States Must Raise Retirement Age (WSJ)
• A tax reform fairy tale (LA Times)
• How Occupy Wall Street Cost Me My Job (Gawker)

What are you reading?

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