10 Thursday PM Reads

Here is my afternoon train reading:

• Wall Street Is Shrinking (Daily Beast)
• Emperor Corzine’s Goldman clothes (FT.com)
• The market is not rigged against your investment success – your brain is (Interloper)
• Growing Economies, Stagnant Wages (Economix)
• Italy’s ‘shock therapy’ as eurozone manufacturing buckles (Telegraph)
• City Attorney files charges against Goldline International (Santa Monica Daily Press)
• Interest Rates vs. Violent Crimes (World Beta)
• A Microsoft two-fer:
…..-Why Microsoft’s Vision Of The Future Is Dead On Arrival (Fast Co Design)
…..-The inside story of how Microsoft killed its Courier tablet (C/Net)
• Amazon Lights the Fire With Free Books (Circuits)
• Deep Intellect (Orion Magazine)

Happy third blogiversary to Josh!


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