10 Tuesday PM Reads

Afternoon train reading:

• Are You A Born Investor? (Psy-Fi Tech)
• The Man Who Busted the ‘Banksters’ (Smithsonian Mag)
Marshall Auerback: Interview (Resource Clips)
• Counting the Underwater Homeowners (Economix)
• In the Name of Corporate Profitability, 1781 and Today (The Reformed Broker) see also Are Corporate Balance Sheets Really the Strongest in History? (Hussman Funds)
• Echoes of history: The German fear of inflation rears its ugly head again (Periscope Post)
• Network Effects: How Google & Apple Dominate Mobile (Read Write Web)
• How Brooklyn Got Its Groove Back (City Journal)
Bartlett: Gingrich and the Destruction of Congressional Expertise (Economix)
• No art? No social change. No innovation economy. (Metropolitan Group)

What are you reading?

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