10 Friday AM Reads

The week is over, I am out of the office, its Veterans day, and we have some reading to get to:

• Sorry, there is no euro break-up plan – yet (Telegraph) see also Advice for Greece: How to Leave the Euro (NYT
• Surge in Rich Chinese Who ‘Invest’ in U.S. Citizenship (WSJ)
• Is it 1973 all over again? (Market Watch)
Norris: Distortions In Baffling Financial Statements (NYT)
• Italy Senate Vote Makes Way for Government Led by Monti (Bloomberg) see also Rushing for the exits (Economist)
• India & USA: Two Peas in a Pod (NYT)
• The Big Lie of the Crisis, Called Out By the Press (Columbia Journalism Review) see also Private Wall Street Companies Caused The Financial Crisis — Not Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Or The Community Reinvestment Act (Political Correction)
• Finally, a Judge Stands up to Wall Street (Rolling Stone)
• Apple Takes iTunes to Other Kinds of Payments (NYT) see also Apple is trying to make iOS autocorrect less horrible (BGR)
• Rick Perry’s Intrade Flash Crash (Economix)

What are you reading?

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