10 Mid-Week AM Reads

Rally cap morning reads:

• U.S. Car Sales Are Best Since ‘Clunkers’ (Bloomberg) see also Black Friday draws crowds, but spending in doubt (Reuters)
• The Top 0.1% Of The Nation Earn Half Of All Capital Gains (Yahoo News)
• Company Bond Sales Plunge as Trust in Banks Fades (Bloomberg) see also Frequently Asked Questions: Foreign Currency Liquidity Swaps (FRB)
• FCC report challenges AT&T’s claims on T-Mobile deal (Washington Post/TPM)
• I wonder if the coverage of Hank Paulson’s treachery has legs?:
…..-How US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson tipped off hedgie chums about Fannie bailout (Ian Fraser)
…..-Crony Capitalism? Hank Paulson’s Extraordinary Meeting (Pro Publica)
• Stable Housing Seen in Home Depot-Lowe’s Leading Market: Retail (Bloomberg)
• Google’s Management Doesn’t Use Google+ (The Understatement)
• Banks find extra money to hire lobbyists (Chicago Tribune) see also Despite earmark ban, lawmakers try to give money to hundreds of pet projects (Washington Post)
Steven Pinker: Human Nature’s Pathologist (NYT)
• 2012=1968? (NY Mag)

What are you reading?

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