10 Thursday AM Reads

My eclectic early morning reads for today:

• Congress ends corn ethanol subsidy (The Detroit News) see also 30-year-old corn ethanol subsidy nixed by Washington (Autoblog)
• A Grim Forecast for Corporate Earnings (Barron’s)
Michael Lewis: Princeton Brews Trouble for Us 1 Percenters  (SF Gate)
• Sears Holdings liquidation sale (Bronte Capital)
Great Moments In Punditry: Art Laffer Edition (Forbes)
• R&D: Will China Outsmart the U.S.? (Sunday NYT Magazine)
• How Cash Has Corrupted Congress (Daily Beast)
• Leonardo’s Optics in Action, in Paint (WSJ)
• Fascinating discussion from former Ron Paul staffer (Rightwings News)
Perfect for the holidays! Where The Fuck Should I Go For Drinks? (WTFSIGFD)

What TF are you reading?


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