2011 Markets: Lots of Motion, Nothing to Show For It

Here we are, the final session for equity markets in Europe and the United States. As has been my habit forever, I take this week off to recharge (though it has not worked out that way). I feel comfortable doing this is because whatever happens this week is rarely of much consequence; markets tend towards a modest upward bias, with terribly light volume. The action is effervescent, gains or losses are easily reversed when volume comes back in.

This year, we have seen enormous swings, lots of volatility. Yet with the last session of the year about to begin, markets are essentially unchanged YTD:

December 31 2010 close: 1257.64
Yesterday’s close: 1,263.02
52-wk High 1,370.58
52-wk Low 1,074.77
Total Range (based on 2010 year end): 23.5%
YTD performance: 0.43%

Nasdaq Composite
December 31 2010 close: 2652.87
Yesterday’s close: 2613.74
52-wk High 2,887.75
52-wk Low 2,298.89
Total Range (based on 2010 year end): 22.20%
YTD performance: -1.48%

Dow Jones
December 31 2010 close: 11,577.51
Yesterday’s close: 12,287.04
52-wk High 12,928.50
52-wk Low 10,362.30
Total Range (based on 2010 year end): 22.17%
YTD performance: 6.13%

I will update these with year end data next week

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